Ever since I was a little girl - as far back as I can remember - I have been drawn to stories.

In lazy summer days, I would ride my bike to the local library and spend hours seeking out all kinds of stories to bring home in my backpack. I would hoard and devour them tucked away in my room, reading well into the night (and sometimes the early hours of the morning).

I would bring home 10-12 books at a time and feast on the diversity of the characters, the themes, and the imagery, only to return to the library the next week wanting more.

Over time, I began to realize that stories were intricately woven into me in ways I couldn’t even begin to fathom.

Not so long ago, I was planning a weekend retreat with friends. In a vulnerable moment, the hostess was graciously sharing her hidden fear that she would make a not-so-great hostess. I realized in that moment something magical about stories.

If a plan goes perfectly, it makes for great memories.
If a plan goes horribly wrong, it makes a great story.

Isn’t that what great stories are made of, after all? No GOOD story is built on perfection, with perfect people in perfect settings in perfect situations with all happily ever afters. The best stories always have bad guys and foiled plans and obstacles and trials and difficulties.

Redemption tells a richer story than perfection ever could.

It’s hard to know which parts of my story are relevant to yours. (We are such complicated beings, aren’t we?)

bethany loginow family
The story I’m living right now is that I am a millennial
twenty-something pastor’s wife, with five children
ages 6 + under.

I started my own content + web design business in 2016.

I would never say I am multi-passionate.

Content + Web Design - two seemingly incongruous crafts - both converge with one underlying element: STORY.

I have ONE passion: helping others write their stories in their own voice.

I help write and edit short or long-form blog posts and articles for a variety of clients, and I absolutely love seeing a web design come together in a fresh, modern, simple, and minimalistic way that portrays only the elements necessary to communicate a client’s story.

At this point, you might be itching to find out a little bit more about me.

Or more like...

How in the world did she get here?

Here’s the bullet-point version:

• Started dating my now-husband when I was in 11th grade.
• Graduated high school with a 4.0+ GPA, a semester of college DONE, and a Presidential Scholarship offer (full ride for four years) to Wayne State University in Detroit.
• Turned down the scholarship + got engaged 3 weeks after graduating.
• Moved to Kentucky (where my husband was going to Seminary to be a pastor) to get married.
• We both jumped into full-time ministry six months after our wedding, and I became a 19-year-old pastor’s wife.
• Graduated the local community college with an Associate's degree, and managed small offices while writing blogs, stories, and poetry on the side.
• When our first baby was born, I quit working in offices to stay at home with my most important work yet - both an emotional and financial decision at the time.
• In April 2016, I gave birth to my fourth baby and contracted mononucleosis 8 days later.
• That summer, I struggled to give birth to something else - my very own business.
• A little over a year ago, I tried to start a business by starting a blog. I never found my passion/voice with it, and it felt fake for me at the time, so I eventually ditched it.
• Along the way, I found Abbey at The Virtual Savvy.
• I took her signature course, the VA Bootcamp, and within 6 months, I was working from home full-time with my own clients.

Today, I work for a very small handful of top-notch clients.

I serve my clients well because I serve story first.
- Bethany (2).png


Do you resonate with my story? I would love to hear yours!
Contact me today + let me know how I can help you tell your story.