Bethany Loginow is a pastor’s wife of 10 years, a mom of 5 kids born in 6 years, and a pursuer of all things grace and laughter.

Born a legalist at heart (someone who believes his or her righteousness — or right standing before God — is achieved through works), showing grace to others (especially her children) didn’t come naturally to her. Laughter used to not, either. She wondered how anyone could laugh so freely and without abandon when there is serious work to be done.

But by God’s grace, she is learning to find the humor in life through the hilarity and antics of her 5 young children, baby dog, and baby cat (among life’s unexpected events, to boot).

She believes in the total inerrancy of Scripture, and draws strength and grace (and the ability to laugh daily) from its pages. She loves and follows Jesus, and heartily believes the most-true-to-yourself, abundant life you could ever live is found in obedience to Jesus and His Word found in Scripture. All the rest is just for fun!

Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come.
— Proverbs 31.25, ESV

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Fun Facts —

  • Bethany has lived in New Orleans, Louisville, and Metro-Detroit (along with a 3 year stint in rural Kentucky near Owensboro).

  • She refuses to be held hostage by missing socks or broken pieces at the bottom of the chip bag (throw those suckers out!).

  • She definitely uses too many exclamation points in her communication!
    (But it’s totally fine since her job is to help and encourage others as Head of Hospitality at a digital marketing company!)